Hey guys and welcome to the first in the YouTube Spotlight series! This series aims to promote YouTube channels, show off a range of new content and connect more creators together!

For our first post we have Sarah Elizabeth, if you hadn’t guessed by now, so lets jump straight in and find out more about her and her channel!

About me:

My name is Sarah Elizabeth, I am 22 years old and currently enrolled at University of
Washington, and will receive a bachelor’s degree in biology this June. Afterwards, I plan to travel.

I have recently, through spiritual realisations, developed intense curiosity in esoteric knowledge. I plan on travelling to Peru, Egypt, and the Himalayas when I am done with undergraduate school, before (possibly) pursuing a masters. During this journey, I hope to backpack and rock climb.

I have always felt at home in nature and have recently become serious about outdoor rock climbing. I am also an ex gymnast (I competed for 7 years) and current gymnastics coach.

When did I start my YouTube:

About 4 months ago


Why did I start my YouTube:

I have struggled with social anxiety, associated with fear of judgment, for many years and have recently become completely fed up with this mindset. As part of a healing process, I wanted to fully accept and embrace the struggles with mental health that I have previously felt ashamed of, by talking about them.

I started my YouTube to face my fears, and be myself, regardless of what feedback I might get.

I also wanted to say things that have been on my mind, and experiences I’ve had that I’ve never felt were worth sharing. I’m realising that they are worth sharing, and I hope to connect with people with similar experiences and perspectives.

I also feel like I am going through an important, transitional period in my life, and saying what has been going through my head, out loud, has helped me make sense of the way I think and feel about things.

I started vlogging my workouts, climbing, and gymnastics to keep records of my progress and motivate myself to continue these hobbies. I also love being creative with camera angles and editing, and these activities make very fun
clips to edit.

I hope that people will enjoy the aesthetics of these videos and maybe be inspired to try new things.


What’s your favourite video you have recorded so far?

My favourite video that I have recorded so far has probably been my climbing gym workout video. It was so fun to use my GoPro and my Canon Vixia to capture footage from first person and third person.

I also love how it showed me how much I have improved at climbing in the last couple of years. I loved choosing uplifting workout music, and the editing process was just so fun!


Edit – Since this post was written by Sarah has posted a great video about the truth behind Instagram that you can see here:


Where would I like my channel to be next year?

I would love to develop spiritually and be able to explain concepts and insights that I am beginning to experience, yet cannot yet articulate. I also am hoping to have uploaded some really fun travel and concert vlogs, since I have a few trips and shows planned.

I am moving to Texas with my boyfriend this June and would love to vlog during the process.

We want to go backpacking and climbing outdoors and these could be amazing experiences to capture on film. We are also hoping to travel to Peru in the near future. I would love to capture some beautiful natural scenery, and encounters with new ways of life.

Next year, I will be done with school and will have more time to plan and create videos. I am hoping to have published some long term project ideas that are currently drafted in my notes.


3 words to describe my videos:

Authentic, Active, and Spiritual


So there we have it guys, I’d like to thank Sarah for answering a few questions for me and I urge you guys to go and check out her channel!

Click here to go to Sarah’s channel: Sarah’s YouTube Link
Twitter: @saraheliza22gm1

She’s working really hard on her content, the videos she has up so far are all really well put together and I look forward to seeing the content she produces in the future!

I’ve got a few other YouTubers lined up, I’d love to know if you like the series or what you’d like to see/ change about it! Drop me a comment with any feedback!

Always guys, until next time…