I’m officially back! I mean I’ve been back for a little while but until now, all the posts have been scheduled so I had time to get back into everyday life and do some things around the house before I was able to sit down and write again…. stupid life getting in the way of travelling and blogging!

*Video of my trip at the bottom of the post*

Anyway, my trip to Rome was amazing! It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for so long and I had a blast out there! The first day was a bit of a rough start, the airport stuff was fine and went quickly, we landed early and got our bag quickly, but once we had dropped luggage at the hotel we went for a walk… This is the only bad part of my holiday.

The walk itself was lovely but the route we took was lined with so many people trying forcefully sell you things, honestly it made both of us want to head home that night, if that was going to be an everyday occurrence. Luckily it was not. After telling many people to go away (getting less polite each time) we took the back streets back to our hotel and it was much more pleasant!

After a short walk back we found a little Irish bar across the road from the hotel and stopped for a drink before our room was ready.

Skipping forward a few hours, we’d checked in, got changed and we were now heading out for dinner. We had a look around online and found a lovely little restaurant just down the road from our hotel. It was quiet, staff we nice, the food was great and….. they sold 1 litre beers from 10 euros.

A thing of beauty

The next day we knew we were heading to the Colossuem, we got up early and went up to breakfast (2 flights of stairs up, good way to work up an appetite). They served the usual European breakfast of meats, cheese, breads with some eggs, yogurts and some croissants. Also a really good selection of teas, coffees and juices!

It was 12 Euros to visit the Palatino, Forum and Colosseum, which is a bargain and we spent over 3 hours walking around and taking in the sights/ taking photos! Well worth the money!

Afterwards we went off to grab a quick lunch before heading back to the hotel to get changed for the evening! We’d planned to have dinner at the Irish bar across the road from us as they had live music on that night too (video of this on the YouTube channel) which we wanted to watch. It was a great evening, albeit a slightly drunk evening, we sat right near the band and they brilliant! After stumbling back to our hotel room we played cards and watch TV for half and hour, it was already 1 am, before heading to bed….. with our alarms set for 7.30.

The next day we planned to walk everywhere…… like everywhere. We went to the Trevi fountain, The Pantheon and Vatican city and did over 27k steps. It was a bit cold that day and it rained but we had such a laugh. I have to take a minute to mention how amazing my girlfriend is…. We were cold and soaked by the end of it but the entire time she was so excited, making jokes and loving every second of it which made the day amazing! She’s the best. Fact.


That evening after drying off, having a warm shower and getting ready for the evening, we found a restaurant online which had good reviews and went for a walk to find it. Saw this pretty awesome graffiti on the way:


The restaurant didn’t look like much from the outside, it was down a quiet lane and had a few lights on outside but it was beautiful inside. The waiters gave us a seat in the window with a candle and we order, what I can only describe as, the best pizza I have ever eaten. Literally. No Joke. The best.

My mouth is watering again just looking at it…

It was out last evening and it was a great way to end the trip! We were so tired from the day that we took half the pizzas back to our room and chilled out with a drink and a few games before crashing out about 11.

The next morning we got up early again and made the most of our last day, went to a few shops, bought ourselves some gifts and explored a beautiful little park near the hotel before stopping for some lunch and getting the shuttle back to the airport.

I took this photo with my new camera! Love the built in filters!

We’re already planning out next trip and plan to go back to Rome again in the future!

If you have any questions about the trip or want any advice about visiting Rome, let me know in the comments below! Enjoy the video below guys and I’ll speak to you soon!