I might have a problem.

Like the Sims mobile game is on right now, I’m playing it while I write this…. Right now my sim is working his shift as a barista and every now and then I stop typing for a few minutes just to help him along…

Anyway enough about that! Life is good right now, busy… but good. I’m loving my new job, II’m in Manchester for work currently (writing this in the pub…) and then away to Edinburgh for a stag do, I just got a brand new work phone (because when they offer you a free Iphone 8, you don’t say no) and generally I’m pretty happy.

Last night I went out in Manchester for a “few” drinks with a good friend who lives in Bolton. We went to Junkyard golf, which was incredible, its mini golf but with a few bars. There is one after a few holes and we had a quick pit stop for a shot of rum and 2 more beers, this following the 2 shots and beers we had when we got there… safe to say it wasn’t our best 9 hole score ever.

Then we went to a comedy club called the Bread Shed which was pretty good, more drinking there and a lot of laughs. 1 bad point, we didn’t get dinner….. not wise, just not wise at all.

Work is going well while I’m here, I’m just auditing 4 of our stores, which only takes about 2 – 4 hours to do then I’m free for the rest of the day again! Been given a nice, brand new white BMW 318i (it had only done 39 miles when I was given the keys) to drive around which is super comfy and rather nippy too. Heading home tomorrow, one store to do first thing in the morning then time to drive home, hoping to be home by 2 o clock, its about 280 miles so without too much traffic I should be able to get home in around 4 and half hours. I’ll try not to stop on the way back, can’t wait to get home and see my girlfriend, she hates it when I’m away on business haha.

I think that’s about it for this little update, hoping to find the time soon to get a lot of writing done for while I’m away in Edinburgh.

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